This is a summary of questions often received by the company on a whole and their corresponding answers.
For enquiries specific to certain products,please see the Q&A page for each product from the "Our products" section.

Microbe testing related

Can I request antimicrobial tests?
Our company has a laboratory which evaluates microbes and can perform microbe tests in accordance with JIS. However,we only perform antimicrobial tests on specimens processed with our antimicrobial agent.
Can I request a JNLA test?
Our company can perform JNLA tests on specimens using our materials. If you are using our materials, please send us an inquiry.
Can I request a JNLA test to join the Society of Industrial-Technology for Antimicrobial Articles (SIAA)?
Our laboratory is accredited by JNLA,an international test laboratory accreditation system,therefore it is possible to join SIAA with the "Test Certificate" obtained as a result of evaluation.

Disclosure of information

Do you provide safety data sheets (SDS) for your products?
We have GHS-supporting SDS for all of our products. These are available for perusal upon request.
Do you conduct product property investigations?
Sinanen Zeomic has an internal framework to respond to property investigations relating to our company's products stipulated by RoHS and REACH regulations such as SVHC and so on. Please contact the relevant person in charge.
Please tell me about the status of approvals and licenses for products outside of Japan.
Sinanen Zeomic has an internal framework to answer questions regarding overseas approvals and licenses such as USA’s FDA, EPA and NSF as well as European regulations. Please refer here.


How can I receive a sample?
We offer over 200 product grades. Please tell us the details of your application via the contact form. The person in charge will reply to your Inquiry.
Please tell me about the flow of business translations (how transactions are begun) and transaction conditions.
Please see "Reassuring Support" on "Why Zeomic?".
Where are your sales offices?
All of Zeomic's departments are integrated in Nagoya city (Japan) allowing us to speedily respond to any matter with the company as a whole.
Can I purchase Zeomic overseas?
We have distributors in countries around the world. See here for details.
Do you transport your products (arrangement for shipping) for overseas exports?
We determine export conditions through individual consultation with customers.


Do you offer factory or laboratory tours?
In principle,we do not offer tours.

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