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Solid technical strength

This page introduces the Zeomic technical power we are proud of. Not only our sales team but also our technology teams unite in their effort to develop new products for our customers.


  1. A group of technical experts aiming to leverage inorganic material technology such as microbe countermeasures,odor-eliminating technology and hazardous substance removal in order to offer functions which make life more comfortable to people all around the world and thus contribute to society.
  2. Specializing in hybrid technology of inorganic porous material and functional material.
  3. As a pioneer of inorganic antimicrobial agents,we utilize our strengths of organic-inorganic hybrid technology and antimicrobial/odor-eliminating technology to answer the demand for low-environmental impact by rising to the challenge of developing next-generation materials.


  1. "5-5" is an activity Sinanen Zeomic engages in independently. Through the enforcement of "5S Activity" we aim for the "5 Zeros" of "0 workplace accidents," "0 defective products," "0 product contamination","0 quality defects" and "0 mistaken shipments".
  2. 30 years has passed since Sinanen Zeomic began making Zeolite. Through the know-how accumulated to date we are now able to synthesize 6 types of Zeolite and control particle diameters from submicron to several dozen micron. We have both confidence and particularism regarding our Zeolite synthesis technology.
  3. Sinanen Zeomic's manufacturing department is responsible for everything relating to production,from purchasing material to product shipment. Taking responsibility for and having complete comprehension of all production-related matters is the key to "good manufacturing."

Quality control

  1. Quality inspections based on ISO9001 are conducted for all grades and we promise our customers they can use our products safely.
  2. We conduct the test of antimicrobial effectiveness, odor-elimination assessment and chemical analysis on our antimicrobial processed products and odor-elimination processed products.
    We assess antimicrobial effectiveness and odor-elimination, as well as perform chemical analysis on our antimicrobial processed products and odor-elimination processed products.
    Using sophisticated assessment methods and analysis technology, we provide sufficient technical reports to the parties requesting tests.
  3. Receive requests to conduct investigations regarding the handling,safety and raw ingredients of our products and provide information promptly based on much data in accordance with international regulations.

Metal analysis using an atomic absorption photometer (frame)

Metal analysis using an atomic absorption photometer (frameless)

Particle size measurement using a laser-type particle Size distribution measuring instrument

Odor-elimination test using a gas detector tube method

Antimicrobial assessment using a colony counter

Bacteria test using a high-performance cabinet (Class A2)

Anti-mold test using a high-performance cabinet (Class A2)

Material analysis using X-ray diffraction

Quantitative analysis using fluorescent X-ray analysis

Material analysis using differential thermal analysis

Organic element analysis using an infrared spectrophotometer

Organic element analysis using an ultraviolet-visible spectrophotometer

Creation of plastic plates (injection molding machine)

Surface observation analysis using SEM-EDX

Conversion tank

Fluidized-bed dryer

Material Characterization by Gas sorption at DTI(BET) device which can measure the pore size and volume of porous material mainly in zeolite.

Controller which can control constant temperature and humidity locally, equipped with chamber. (Installed permeater for gas generation)

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