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Commercialization flow

For those considering antimicrobial agent or additives for the first time, this page introduces the flow from receiving your inquiry until commercialization. Please contact us at any time using our contact form if you have any other questions.



Our sales team will listen carefully to your desired application, environment of use, license requirements and so on to offer you the very best grade, processing method and so on for your needs.


Following this,you will be sent a sample of the suitable model. Please prepare test piece prototypes and various property evaluations in order to conduct performance evaluation.

Performance evaluation

Zeomic fully supports antimicrobial/odor-eliminating tests,various analysis and all other tests and analyses required to achieve commercialization!


Once the suitable grade and additive amount are finalized it’s finally time for commercialization. Together, let’s make a product that the world has never seen!

In the event of a problem

Please rest assured. All of Zeomic’s departments ( R&D, manufacturing, quality control, sales and management all) work in one location. All of Zeomic’s employees come together and liaise in order to solve any concerns our clients may have. Of course this stance is the same both before and after commercialization.

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