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Reliable track record, accreditation and certification

Track record

Quasi-drugs/medical devices

Construction material/housing equipment

Food contact applications


Daily goods

Packing Material

Antimicrobial Foley Catheter

Fuji Systems Corporation

Zeomic is adopted in the Foley Catheter of the famous Phycon brand. It is used in not only the surface,but also internally from the tip to the operation portion,and is a much loved product in the medical field.

Antimicrobial PVC flooring

Toli Corporation

Zeomic's antimicrobial agent and fungicide have been favored for many years in many of Toli Corporation’s flooring materials, such as the stylish and highly-functional “Mature Series”, the highly safe “Bathna Series” a bathroom flooring sheet which prevents the feeling of coolness.

Water Tank

Wave Product CO., LTD. (Thailand)

Adopted on the inside of tanks for water storage. Zeomic plays an important role as a product for day-to-day water needs in countries and regions where stable tap water supply is not available.

Lunch Boxes/Pots

Zojirushi Corporation

Adopted in lunch boxes and pots. Some Zeomic grades have obtained USA FDA certification and are also used in food contact items in Japan.

Antimicrobial Chopsticks

Wakasanuri Center Co., Ltd.

Adopted in the chopsticks we use every day at mealtime. Zeomic plays a part in maintaining hygiene for the chopsticks people put in their mouths on a daily basis.

Apparel Cloth

Sankei Co., Ltd.

Adopted in the cloth used in lining for clothes. Zeomic is favored in the clothing people wear everyday due to its low irritant effect on the skin.

Antimicrobial Air Filters

Shinwa Corporation

Adopted in various air filters such as antimicrobial HEPA filters and more. Zeomic is favored in air ventilation and purifying systems used in hospitals,food manufacturing plants and so on.

Hair item

Artnature Inc.

Artnature Inc.


Adopted in many products of Artnature Inc. Zeomic's antimicrobial agent has been favored, in the application, which allows its direct contact to people, because of its high safety and reliable efficacy.

Mold and Mildew Inhibitor for Bathroom

Lion Corporation

“Shifting the Focus from Cleaning to Preventing the growth of mold”
In the bathroom, mold grows on the floor and wall due to the spores released from the mold lurking on the ceiling. LOOK Bath Anti-mold Fogger disinfects the mold and spores by smoke-like Zeomic's silver ion fog, impeding the growth of black mold.


FP Chupa Corporation

Adopted in industrial gloves primarily used in the food industry. Zeomic is highly active on the frontline to deliver safe and reassuring food.

Antimicrobial Sponge Scourer

Kikulon Co., Ltd.

Adopted in sponge scourers which both wash and polish. Zeomic has been adopted by Kikulon for many long years in order to maintain hygiene in scourers which come in contact with water containing microbes on a daily basis.

Antimicrobial Office Shoes

Pansy Corporation

Adopted in the in-soles of comfortable office shoes with a stretch design gentle on the feet. Zeomic is favored in the shoes people wear every day for many long hours.

Antimicrobial Sponge Scourers

Uni-top Trading Co., Ltd. (Thailand)

Adopted in sponge scourers for kitchen use. Zeomic also plays a part in maintaining hygiene of scourers overseas.

Antibacterial indoor shoes for school children

MoonStar Company

Treated as antimicrobial shoes for elementary school students under the names of "Moon Star CR ST11" and "Moon Star CR ST12"

Baby Zipperbag



Zeomic was adopted by Mother-K, a company in Korea for premium quality antibacterial zipper bag to store baby's sensitive items.
Zeomic is a product which can even be safely used for infant products.

Antimicrobial cushioning


Adopted in EL COCO FOAM of OIZURU CO., LTD. The product is a foam packing material made out of eco- friendly material. By adding Zeomic, it gained the antimicrobial ability and the deodorant ability.

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