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Accreditation and Certification information

Accreditation and Certification information

Sinanen Zeomic has acquired various Accreditation and Certification in order to prove their reliability.

ISO9001 certification

(As of April 19th,2002,all Sinanen Zeomic departments were ISO9001 certified. (Registration no.: JMAQA-1327))
ISO9001 certification is proof of a system which pursues quality.
In order to enhance this quality management system even further,we are strengthening our internal quality audit system.

We promise high quality and win the trust of our customers.

  1. Winning the trust of both Japanese and overseas customers
  2. Clarification of responsibilities and authority relating to work
  3. Improving the overall company level and productivity through work standardization
  4. Exposing problematic points


(Society of International sustaining growth for Antimicrobial Articles)

An organization with 311 members comprising of antimicrobial processed product and antimicrobial agent manufacturers,test institutions,academics,consumer group directors and so on. SIAA aims to nurture sound antimicrobial processed products. Sinanen Zeomic's materials are certified by SIAA.
Sinanen Zeomic serves as vice-chairmen of the SIAA and proactively engages in the organization's activities.


(Japan Textile Evaluation Technology Council)

An industry group established for the purpose of voluntarily controlling textile products which have been antimicrobial/deodorant processed or antibacterial processed,as well as promote the popularization of such products. The group comprises of over 200 companies including antimicrobial processing manufacturers,antimicrobial material manufacturers,apparel companies and processed material manufactures. Sinanen Zeomic's materials are certified by JTETC and we also participate on the committee,proactively engaging in the organization's activities.

SEK mark

The SEK mark can be affixed to textile products which have satisfied JTETC's certification criteria relating to antimicrobial deodorant processing,antibacterial processing,photocatalytic antimicrobial processing and antimold processing. The letters S,E,K stand for "Seiketsu" (Cleanliness),"Eisei" (Hygienic) and "Kaiteki" (Comfortable) respectively.
Proof that a textile has sound quality and safety and can inhibit the growth of bacteria and development of mold. Our company's materials are JTETC certified and customers who use our products will obtain the SEK mark.

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