About trademarks

About trademarks


and "Zeomic" are our company's brands. They serve as our company names as well as our product names. The English version of "Zeomic" has obtained trademark rights in not only Japan,but various countries around the world,and aims to raise awareness of "antimicrobial" issues and achieve global development.

Other trademarks

Trademarks Products
ESSEN-GUARD An organic/inorganic hybrid fungicide. With excellent light and heat resistance,ESSEN-GUARD can be used for kneading into plastic and with paint.
CERAMEDIC A preserving agent for cosmetics. CERAMEDIC is low irritant,low-allergy and highly safe.
DUSHLITE DUSHLITE is an organic/inorganic hybrid aldehyde odor-eliminator. It has superior heat resistance,durability and will not cause re-emission.

Regarding handling of trademarks in the website
Company names,product names and so on used in this website do not necessary have trademark displays (R,TM) to identify them.

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