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Approvals and licenses of silver-base inorganic antimicrobial agent “Zeomic”

"Zeomic" approvals and licenses

Silver-base inorganic antimicrobial agent "Zeomic" acquires various approvals and licenses to prove their high safety factor.
By possessing various different approvals and licenses,Zeomic has produced results in a wide-range of domains which demand high safety performance such as food packaging,quasi-drugs,cosmetics and water purifier related parts.
Moreover in Europe and America,the commercialization of medical equipment demanding the highest in safety such as catheter,etc.,Zeomic is now receiving attention around the world as being highly safe and having a solid track record.

U.S. FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration)

Zeomic (grade AJ) is accredited as a "Food Contact Substance".

Registration numbers FCN No. 47 (aseptic packaging materials), FCN No. 351, FCN No. 535, FCN No. 773 1
Target plastic All food packaging plastic
Food categories A to H categories (All food types) (CFR 176.170(C) Shown in Table 2)

1 The 3 product numbers of FCN No.351,FCN No.535,FCN No.773 are registered by our US partner,Sciessent

US EPA (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency)

Registration of pesticides including antimicrobials is conducted in accordance with FIFRA (Federal Insecticide,Fungicide,and Rodenticide Act).

Registration numbers 71227-1, 71227-4, 71227-5, 71227-6, 71227-7,
71227-8, 71227-9 2
Registration scope Food & beverage contact domains,storage/antimicrobial agent to non-food contact

2 The 2 product numbers 71227-8 and 71227-9 are registered only for non-food contact applications

BPR (European regulation relating to biocides and products processed with biocides: Biocidal Products Regulation)

In September of 2013, the European regulation relating to biocides and products processed with biocides (Biocidal Products Regulation; Regulation EU No.528/2012) came into effect. Further on, it became necessary to attach a label specifying what kind of biocide was contained in the product. In such case, please consult with us regarding the content.

Substance name “Silver zeolite”, “Silver zinc zeolite”, and “Silver copper zeolite” as the active substance.
Status Under review
The active substance and the processed products under examination are permitted to be put on the market until the review is completed by transitional measures.
Silver zinc zeolite is in the process of being approved as the first "silver and silver compound".

NSF (NSF International)

Accredited by ANSI/NSF standard 51 (Food Equipment Materials)
Please contact us for details on conditions of use.

Approved grades: AJ,AW,AV AJ, AW, AV
Permitted applications All plastics,material and parts making contact with food 3
Application examples Ice machines,refrigerator ice tanks,beverage vending machines,dishwashers,etc.

Upper limit additive amount: 5%,upper maximum temperature 250 ° F = 121.11℃


The international safety standard for textile products certified by Oeko-Tex,a joint body comprising of testing laboratories from 24 countries. Products which satisfy criteria can be attached with a certification label.

Approved grades Zeomic Antimicrobial WAJ,Zeomic Antimicrobial WAW
Permitted applications Textile products (kneading,post-processing)

JTETC (Japan Textile Evaluation Technology Council)

A textile industry group established with the goal of spreading textile products with various functionalities.
Carries out certification in accordance with functionality criteria such as antimicrobial,odor-elimination and fungicidal properties and operates the SEK mark. Zeomic is an antimicrobial agent certified by JTETC.

Approved grade Zeomic
Permitted applications Textile products (kneading,post-processing)

SIAA (Society of International sustaining growth for Antimicrobial Articles)

An organization with 311 members comprising of antimicrobial processed product and antimicrobial agent manufacturers,test institutions,academics,consumer group directors and so on. SIAA aims to nurture sound antimicrobial processed products and operates the SIAA mark. Zeomic is an antimicrobial agent certified by SIAA.

Approved grade Zeomic
Permitted applications Antimicrobial processed products other than textile products

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