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Zeomic for water treatment

Using Zeomic for water treatment

By adding Zeomic in relatively clean water,industrial water,bath water,etc.,the effect of inhibiting bacteria and mold growth for a prolonged period can be anticipated.
Zeomic can be utilized for a wide-range of applications due to its high antimicrobial sustainability and excellent safety.


  • Prevents water corruption
  • Suppresses corruption odor
  • Suppresses slime
  • Cut flower life prolongation
  • Algae-control effect, etc.

Product lineup of Zeomic for water treatment

We have various product forms to suit individual applications.

Ceramic pellets

Plastic pellets

Crushed product (natural)

Non-woven fabric

Porous bodies

Applications (actual)

  • Air conditioner drain pans
  • Humidifiers
  • 24-hour baths
  • Cut flower life prolongation
  • Water purifiers


  • Sufficient effects cannot be produced in protein substances or water with high salt concentrations such as seawater.
  • Zeomic for water treatment is not a powerful pesticide therefore if used in water which already contains large quantities of microbes or in which a biofilm or mold is present,it will be not be sufficiently effective. Please use after cleaning the system in which it shall be used.

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