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Q&A on Zeomic for water treatment

What form is the Zeomic for water treatment available in?
We offer Zeomic for water treatment in pellets (ceramic/plastic),crushed product,porous substance,and non-woven fabric. It is also possible to create moldings in line with customers' requests.
How should I set the amount to be used,etc.?
The amount to use differs depending on the applicable environment (frequency of water replacement,level of pollution) however in general,for circulating water systems with infrequent replacement we recommend 0.1% of the water amount. We recommend first performing a test to confirm effects in your environment of usage.
Is it possible to remove or break down biofilm (slime)?
Zeomic does suppress the generation of biofilm however it does not have the ability to remove or break down existing biofilm. If there is existing biofilm,please clean the system before using Zeomic.
Is Zeomic effective on algae?
The removal or break down of existing algae is difficult however Zeomic is able to suppress the actual generation of algae. If there is existing algae,please clean the system before using Zeomic.
Can seawater be treated?
Seawater has a high concentration of chloride ions. The silver ions react with these chloride ions forming silver chloride and thereby reducing antimicrobial performance. For this reason,treatment of seawater is difficult.
How do we know when to replace the Zeomic?
It is not possible to pass judgment through visual confirmation as the Zeomic material does not change color or reduce in size. 1 year is the general replacement interval however we will consult with customers in advance on how much Zeomic should be used for the particular application.
Are there scale/rust prevention effects?
No,there are no such effects.

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