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the Antimicrobial Concrete Study Group

Overview of the Antimicrobial Concrete Study Group

The corrosion of concrete caused by hydrogen sulfide changing to sulfuric acid due to a sulfur oxidizing bacteria is becoming an issue in sewage treatment and pipeline infrastructure. The Antimicrobial Concrete Study Group was established in July 1997 after approval by 35 concrete product manufacturers. Its aim is to establish utilization technology to inhibit the corrosion of concrete products used in sewer systems through the addition of antimicrobial agent,Zeomighty,and promote the popularization of antimicrobial concrete products.

In addition to accumulating and sharing know-how relating to antimicrobial effects and quality control,the study group also conducts activities such as the formal certification of antimicrobial concrete products and the gathering of information on government and industrial trends.

Main activities to date

  • March 2001 Obtained the "Certificate of Examination as Sewer Technology" from the Japan Institute of Wastewater Engineering Technology (renewed March 2010).
  • May 2008 Registered with the Japan Sewage Works Association as a "Category II Material".
  • September 2010 Registered anticorrosive reinforced steel concrete pipes,anticorrosive concrete manholes,anticorrosive concrete-base segments and anticorrosive assembly manhole blocks as "Antimicrobial Concrete Products for Sewer Systems".

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