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Functions of antimicrobial agent for sewarage concrete “Zeomighty”

Antimicrobial effect of antimicrobial concrete additive Zeomighty

It suppresses Thiobacillus spp causing concrete corrosion.
Further,it will neutralize various bacteria harmful to human health.

Powerful antimicrobial activity to kill various bacteria coming into contact with it

Zeomighty is designed to suppress the propagation of sulfur oxidizing bacteria (Thiobacillus spp) causing concrete corrosion by neutralize them. Further,Zeomighty containing more than one active ingredient with powerful antimicrobial power is also effective against various bacteria harmful to human health including Escherichia coli,Staphylococcus aureus and Pseudomonas aeruginosa,thus contributing to hygiene management.

Antimicrobial performance of Zeomighty's active ingredients

Unit: ppm (0.0001%),Measurement method: Japanese Society of Chemotherapy standard method

Tested bacteria strain MIC(ppm)
Thiobacillus spp They cause concrete corrosion through the generation of sulfuric acid in the course of their propagation. 50
Escherichia coli They are bacteria inhabiting in the human intestine and used as a index of the contamination of food. 250
Staphylococcus aureus They are aerobic bacteria resistant to a high concentration of sodium chloride and known as pathogenic bacteria causing food poisoning. 500
Pseudomonas aeruginosa They can cause the putrefaction of food and are pathogenic to humans and animals. 500
Bacillus cereus They are saprophytic bacteria found widely in soil,on plants and in air and can cause food poisoning. 500

MIC(Minimum Inhibitory Concentration): it means a minimum concentration of an antimicrobial required to inhibit the propagation of microorganisms,and the above stated values indicate that Zeomighty's active ingredients are practically effective.

Electron microscopic photo showing Zeomighty distribution

Antimicrobial power of Zeomighty-added concrete products

Please refer to the following test data showing the antimicrobial ability of concrete products containing Zeomighty.
The evaluation test used additive-free mortar and The two kinds of mortar, each of which contains Zeomighty to their cement and their powder material weight. (*1) After a process of neutralization, they were soaked in a liquid culture for growth inoculated with Thiobacillus spp then bacteria count and pH to 21 days were measured.
The concrete product with the Zeomighty additive had amazing antimicrobial results and measured values indicated that the optimal additive amount of Zeomighty was 1wt% of the overall weight of the cement and the powder material.

Changes in Thiobacillus spp bacteria

Changes in pH

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