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Q&A on antimicrobial agent for sewarage concrete “Zeomighty”

What is Zeomighty?
Zeomighty is an antimicrobial agent for sewarage concrete which inhibits the metabolisms and growth of sulfur oxidizing bacteria which grow in sewage systems and facilities, as well as reduces the generation of sulfuric acid in even concrete corrosion environments.
Why does concrete corrode?
In sewage treatment facilities and sewage canals,sulfur oxidizing bacteria can oxidize hydrogen sulfide into sulfuric acid and this causes concrete to corrode.
What kind of effect does concrete corrosion have?
Fiscal year 2011 witnessed approximately 4700 cave-ins of Japan's roads,bringing about the need for high cost renewal work. Corrosion countermeasures must be introduced when new sewage facilities are installed.
Is there a way to countermeasure corrosion?

There is anticorrosion technology and corrosion-inhibiting technology.

Anticorrosion technology Technology to prevent the corrosion and degradation of concrete by sulfuric acid. Mainly used for plastic material.
Corrosion-inhibiting technology By removing the factor causing concrete corrosion before sulfuric acid is generated, corrosion-inhibiting technology prevents the corrosion and degradation of concrete in advance. Zeomighty is a material which inhibits the function of sulfur oxidizing bacteria which generates sulfuric acid.
What kind of formal technologies are used?
The following formal technologies are used in Zeomighty:
Obtained Construction Technology Review and Certification in March,2000 issued by the Japan Institute of Wastewater Engineering and Technology and have renewed every 5 years.
Zeomighty is registered with the Japan Sewage Works Association as a "Category II Certified Material of Anticorrosive Reinforced Concrete Pipes for Sewer Systems".
In 2010,the scope of this certificate expanded to include manholes and mini shield segments,in addition to pipes.
What is an antimicrobial sewerage concrete product?
A concrete product containing Zeomighty (which has a growth inhibition effect on sulfur oxidizing bacteria which can change hydrogen sulfide into sulfuric acid) at 1wt% of its cement and its powder material weight.
What is the applicable scope of Zeomighty?
Zeomighty can be used in environments with an annual average hydrogen sulfide concentricity of 10ppm or less.
Conforms with Type 3 corrosive environment conditions as described in the "Handbook for preventing the corrosion of sewer concrete pipes (draft)" compiled by the Japan Sewage Works Association.
What are the features of antimicrobial concrete products?

Features include;

Antimicrobial effect The ability to inhibit the growth of sulfur oxidizing bacteria and prevent the generation of sulfuric acid.
Safety Zeomighty is highly safe for people. Moreover, it doesn’t affect the activated sludge bacteria used in sewage treatment. (96.0% COD biodegradation)
Ease The physical property of Zeomighty closely resembles the one of cement, therefore it mixes easily (even distribution possible in just 60 seconds of mixing), therefore it can be used with manufacturing equipment for normal concrete products.
Economic Zeomighty does not require special equipment therefore can be used without additional costs for special equipment.
Additive amount 1wt% against cement and powder material weight. When cement is less that 300kg/m3, please add 3kg/m3 of Zeomighty.
Applicable products Secondary concrete products (hume pipes,manholes,etc.),ready-mix concrete,mortar used for repairs,etc.)
Tell me about the track record of antimicrobial concrete products.
Since the productization of antimicrobial concrete products in 1997, the total shipment tonnage is 199,000 tons (as of March, 2016)
How can I purchase Zeomighty?
Please contact us from the inquiry page.

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