Privacy policy

Privacy policy

Personal information protection policy

Sinanen Zeomic Co., Ltd. handle our customer’s personal information (information which can identify individuals) in accordance with the below policy.

1. Collection, utilization and provision of individual information

We shall collect personal information with consent of the individual after clarifying the purpose of collection.
Moreover, we will not utilize or provide such information for anything other than the purpose for which it was collected.

2. Respecting individual rights

Sinanen Zeomic respects the right of the individual regarding personal information and will respond in within a reasonable timeframe and scope when requested by the relevant individual to disclose their own information, correct, delete or refuse utilization or provision.

3. Appropriate management of personal information

We will manage personal information appropriately and implement countermeasures for improper access, tampering, leaks and other threats.

4. Observance of laws and other regulations

We shall observe laws, ordinances and other social norms relating to personal information as well as company rules, and act accordingly.

5. Ongoing improvement

We shall continuously improve countermeasures for the appropriate management of personal information.

6. Provision of a point of contact regarding personal information

The below point of contact is available for any questions or opinions relating to personal information.

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