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Change of Package Specification



Please be informed of that we will change package of our products from the viewpoint of environmental protection.

The new “fiber drum” package not only shows same moisture blocking efficiency and physical strength as existing steel drum but also is more easily handled and environment-friendly. It is an outstanding drum.

Hereunder we notify you of further details of the new package specifications.

1. Change of Package Specifications

  1. Inner package:
    From “polyethylene bag” To “aluminum bag”.
  2. Outer package
    From “steel drum” To “fiber drum”.

2. Merits by the Change

  1. Advantage of aluminum bag
    • It excels the existing polyethylene bag in dampproof, gas barrier and shading abilities.
  2. Advantages of fiber drum
    • The container weight lightens by 1.6Kg, which eases operations and transportations.
    • Scraping it after use is easy, consequently it doesn’t require much depository.
    • The container can be separated into steel and paper components, which makes resource recycling possible.
    • The container body is made from paper material, which avoids negative influence by rusting.
    • It becomes more environmentally friendly without paint.
    • The bottom cap structure prevents piles of cargo from collapsing.
    • It is an outstanding new fiber drum developed jointly with the maker.

3. Requirements at handling

  • As the cap, the band, and the bottom cap are made of metal, when you touch them, please make sure you wear proper protective clothes and items for your safety.
  • In order to avoid deformation and buckling risks, do not leave it under high temperature, under high humidity or where water may splash. Do not wash it.
  • In order to avoid decline of strength, wipe up immediately in case of being wet by rain or etc.
  • Keep it away from fire. The raw material is flammable.
  • In case of piling up some drums, make sure if lid cap of lower drum and bottom cap of upper drum engage each other to avoid collapsing.
  • Our products are highly hygroscopic. Bind up tightly to seal an opening of the aluminum inner bag when there is a remaining product.

4. The change becomes valid as soon as the present stock has run out.

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