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International Antimicrobial Organization (tentative name) establishment is now under preparation.


 Announcement on preparation for International Antibacterial Organization (tentative name) establishment was made at China Household Electrical Appliances Expo, in China on March 12, 2015. International Antibacterial Organization is designed to spread Japanese origin antibacterial culture to all over the world. Sinanen Zeomic as a pioneer of Japanese inorganic antibiotics manufacture attended the meeting to support SIAA for their fruitful accomplishment.

 At that opportunity, Chairman Mr. Imai of SIAA made a speech to announce their plan to establish International Antimicrobial Organization where Japan, China, and Korea will play a main role. Then, Mr. Huang, manager of CIAA and Mr. Lee, director of laboratory for ECOWEEL made a brief speech to express their ambitions and resolutions. Finally, Mr. Ashida, deputy-director for JETRO extended a celebration message.

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