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Test Methods for antimicrobial processed products are adopted as “OECD Guidance Document”.


On January 21, 2015, Society of International sustaining growth for Antimicrobial Articles (SIAA) held debriefing sessions by SIAA’s committees at Osaka International Conference Center (Gran Cube Osaka).  In one of the sessions, the international standardization promotion committee shared the report mentioning that SIAA’s test methods for antimicrobial processed products are adopted as the “OECD Guidance Document”.  This document has been released on the website of OECD from July 2014.

  “OECD Guidance Document” is the international uniform standards of the test methods to be applied to 34 OECD member nations.  Such test methods are required when the relevant governmental organizations would like to establish a new regulation for chemical substances’ safety and/or quality assessments for various kinds of products.

Requirements for such uniform test methods are almost equal to those applied as JIS Z 2801 as well as ISO22196.  The standardized test methods between ISO and OECD Document bring a worldwide standard evaluation/assessment to support expansion of  the market of antimicrobial processed products.

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