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The Head of Nagoya Municipal Industrial Research Institute Prize is awarded to Zeomic in the FY1998 Nagoya City Industrial Technology Grand Prix Contest.



Its safe and reliable features are valued highly.

Shield for commemoration of the Head of Nagoya Municipal Industrial Research Institute Prize

In the Nagoya City Industrial Technology Grand Prix Contest (co-sponsored by Nagoya Municipal Industrial Research Institute and Nagoya City Association for Industrial Technology) held in November 1998, an antimicrobial agent Zeomic was awarded the Head of Nagoya Municipal Industrial Research Institute Prize.

This contest was started in 1900 for the purpose of commending exemplary cases of outstanding new technology or product development to encourage the medium- and small-scale companies that had head offices, branch offices and/or laboratories in Nagoya city, improve their technology standards and corporate performance and activate their management, strengthening corporate constitution and helping them spread new technology and products, and this year's contest is its ninth contest.

Zeomic among a large number of contestants was valued highly for its technical superiority, contribution to society and people's lives, etc. and awarded the Head of Nagoya Municipal Industrial Research Institute Prize, the highest prize but to the Nagoya Mayor Prize. It has a significant meaning that Zeomic is acknowledged, while antimicrobial articles are beginning to establish their positions in our society and people's lives.

While needs for developing clean, safe, comfortable living environments are growing, we can find many antimicrobial articles in almost all household product categories including from home electric appliances and cars to housing materials.

While antimicrobial articles are permeating in our lives as daily necessities, consumers' attention is directed to their antimicrobial effect. All-out efforts are being made to develop generally acceptable standards for antimicrobial articles, involving antimicrobial agent manufactures, various product manufacturers and relevant government authorities.

Today, consumers crave for the assurance of antimicrobial articles' effect and safety, and an inorganic antimicrobial agent Zeomic developed by Sinanen in 1983 for the first time in the world is the only inorganic antimicrobial agent certified with drug-level safety test data and accepted by an increasing number of manufacturers of various fields as a highly reliable antimicrobial agent, with demand for it growing year after year.

Against the background of growing consciousness of needs for global environment protection and the development of clean living environments, the company will take the offensive with Zeomic in the U.S., European, Asian and Oceanian markets, to say nothing of our domestic market, emphasizing safety as its basic strategy.

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