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Zeomic offering both antimicrobial and deodorizing power is developed.


Its deodorizing effect has been confirmed with diverse malodor gases.

Sinanen Zeomic has developed Zeomic, which has acquired deodorizing power on top of the antimicrobial performance it inherited from its predecessor.

This new Zeomic, in addition to its gas adsorptive power indigenous to zeolite, decomposes or neutralizes malodor gases with catalytic action of metal ions or through chemical reaction, showing powerful deodorizing performance against malodor gases such as methyl mercaptan found in living environments (sweat odor, old man smell, excretion odor, cigarette odor, garbage odor, etc.).
Fabrics containing Zeomic at a 1% loading rate have cleared the product accreditation standards for sweat odor and old man smell set by the Japanese Association for the Functional Evaluation of Textiles in October last year. With its high safety feature maintained, the new Zeomic has proved to have deodorizing power to reduce malodor gasses such as ammonium, acetic acid, iso isovalerate and nonenal by more than 70%.

Traditionally, manufacturers are obliged to add two different types of agents respectively specialized in antimicrobial effect and deodorizing effect to produce products claiming antimicrobial power and deodorizing power, but the new Zeomic will allow them to achieve both with one single agent, thus contributing to raw material cost reductions.
Since it is usable in fiber products in general as well as paint and aerosol sprays, most manufacturers will find it very handy and versatile.

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