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New team “ Product Development & Business Promotion Team “ has been established


A new team named “Product Development & Business Promotion Team” has been established as an organization directly under the President.  Purpose of establishment is as follows.

1.  Expansion of business areas

  We will promote product planning and sales of goods using our high performance materials such as antimicrobial and deodorant agent.

Since the establishment of 1984, our company has mainly focused on production and sales of silver-based inorganic antimicrobial agent around B to B market.  Now on we will also be challenging on product development being aware of B to C market and enlarge the business domain for further growth of our company.

2.  Brand strategy

  Our corporate brand Zeomic is the world's first to develop silver-based inorganic antimicrobial agent in 1984.  Zeomic has been highly evaluated by providing benefits of “comfortable”, “safety”, and “clean” which is used in wide fields such as home electric appliances, building materials, daily necessities, textiles, and medical equipment. Our goal is to expand publicity and website enhancement to make the consumers to recognize “Zeomic” even more.

“Product Development & Business Promotion Team” will promote to develop products which can satisfy the consumers and spread Zeomic brand.

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