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Visit Sinanen Zeomic at “Neo Functional Material Exhibition 2016” in Tokyo, Japan.


Sinanen Zeomic will run a booth at the exhibition named as“Neo Functional Material 2016” to be held between January 27, 2016 and January 29, 2016 at the venue of Tokyo Big Sight. This general exhibition simultaneously consists of 11 exhibitions including “Nano Tech 2016”, which covers wide range of market places from electronics, food, beverages, environment, medical, healthcare, information and communications, and all industrial fields of new functional materials. Client’s attentions are drawn toward business matching between market needs and product development.

Our booth exhibits not only “Zeomic”, our main brand of antimicrobial and deodorant materials, but also “ESSEN-GUARD” as organic-inorganic hybrid antifungal agent, “DUSHLITE” as deodorant agent targeting aldehyde odor and “Ceramedic” as cosmetic preservative, adsorption, and other potential technologies. Also we will be announcing our new developing research named “Gaiaphoton” that we participated in as a joint development. This is a new phosphor which glows in visible light irradiation that does not contain any rare earth element. This project is seeking in not only LED lighting but in wide development.

Please stop by our booth and take a look at our life supporting technology goods. For a Richer and More Comfortable Life-Zeomic Connects People with the Future.


   Name   Neo Functional Material 2016

   Date   January 27, 2016 ~ January 29, 2016

   Time   10:00~17:00

   Place   Venue of Tokyo Big Sight, East Exhibition Hall 3, 3B-05

   Website  http://www.kinousei.com/

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