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Sinanen Zeomic participated in “Neo Functional Material Exhibition 2018”


We participated in the “Neo Functional Material Exhibition 2018”, held from February 14 to 16, 2018 at the venue of Tokyo Big Sight, Japan. 11 exhibitions such as "nano tech 2018" were held at the same time, and total of 44,437 visitors ended to a great success.


At our booth, we introduced our high performance deodorant material “Dushlite” which we greatly expanded the lineup. By combing ion exchange and inorganic synthesis technology with various types of synthetic zeolite and metal ions, Dushlite can control not only the odor in the environment but also suppress the smell emitted from the material itself.   


To our visitors, we explained the features, applications, and odor correspondence table of Dushlite by showing posters hung to the wall, and suggested grades which would match each customer’s problems and challenges. We also prepared samples of organoleptic tests to experience Dushlite’s deodorizing performance. Six types of bottles containing Dushlite powder mixed with resin such as ABS and polyacetal, and bottles which only contain resins were prepared. By smelling into both bottles visitors were able to compare the difference of the deodorant efficiency. Visitors were highly impressed by the removal of resin odor which led to us knowing Dushlite has a high interest.


In addition, we introduced “Novel Aldehyde Adsorption Sheet” a nonwoven cloth with special treatment on the surface, and “Zeomic Deodorant Spray” which is modified by utilizing conventional inorganic antimicrobial deodorant "Zeomic". Many interactive questions and answers were also occurred about the two products.


Thank you for visiting our booth and we will continue to develop functional materials aimed to create a comfortable living space.




 Exhibition    : Neo Functional Material 2018

 Date             : February 14 -16, 2018

 Venue      : Tokyo Big Sight, East Exhibition Hall 2, 2D-16

 Website     : http://convertechexpo.com/index.html

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