Terminology: Toxicity test with single cell green algae Selenastrum

The objective of this test is to examine the toxicity of a test substance to aquatic organisms by using Selenastrum, a typical species of Algae, as a test organism. The OECD specifies the 4 categories of aquatic organisms as acceptable test subjects: fish, Daphnia, algae, and activated sludge.

[Test Method]
A test was conducted with green algae Selenastrum as a test organism and the number of green alga cells (cells/ml) was measured everyday after Zeomic application to evaluate the number of cells after 72 hours and a daily cell increase rate as per OECD Test Guideline 201.

[Test Results for Zeomic]
As a result, it was found that the growth of Selenastrum was suppressed completely at 325μg/L The Zeomic concentration was 102μg/L, when the Selenastrum cell density finally reached 54%.

Pertaining to Toxicity test with single cell green algae Selenastrum

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