Terminology: Rat Sub-chronic Toxicity Test

The objective of this test is to examine the occurrence of toxic reactivity from a test substance when it is administered repeatedly to a test animal for a relatively short period (3 months). In this test, the quantity of a test substance causing obvious toxicity (toxic dose) and the quantity of a test substance producing no effect (non-toxic dose) are also identified to understand the full toxicity level of a test substance.

Checks in the test animals’ medical states, weight, feed intake, and such are monitored. After anatomical dissection, each of their organs are checked for biologic reactions.

[Test Method]
A test was conducted with rats as test animals, to which feed containing Zeomic was given for 13 weeks. Each group comprised 10 each of male and female rats. The dose levels were set to 0ppm, 1000ppm, 6250ppm and 12500ppm.

[Test Results for Zeomic]
The no-observed adverse effect level (NOAEL) of Zeomic was determined at 1000ppm, at which no particular changes were observed biologically or toxicologically.

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