Terminology: Absorption and Distribution/Excretion Test

The objective of this test is to determine how long a living body is exposed to an administered test substance by analyzing its movement in the body such as its absorption, distribution, metabolism and excretion at a dose which the test substance shows toxicity.

[Test Method]
Prepared creams of 10% Zeomic containing radioactively labeled silver were applied to the back of rats where it had received burns twice.
Then, the presence of radioactive silver in each of the organs was measured 6 hours, 1 day, 3 days and 1 week after the application.

[Test Results for Zeomic]
As a result, it was confirmed that there was no absorption of silver through normal skin. The amount of silver absorbed into the body via blood through damaged skin was within the range of 4 – 8% of the applied quantity. However, 24 hours later 56.6% of the absorbed silver had been excreted as fecal matter. 
One week later, 99% or more of the administered silver had been excreted. From these results, it was confirmed that the silver absorbed into the body is not likely to remain in the internal organs. 

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