Terminology: Mutagenicity Test (Mandatory SIAA test item)

This test verifies whether the test substance causes damage to the DNA of cells due to mutagenicity.
The objective of this test is to determine whether there is ‘mutagenicity,’ which causes mutation, in bacteria genomes involved in the synthesis of histidine by checking as an indicator as to whether reverse mutation occurs.

[Test Method]
This test generally is called the ‘Ames Test Method.’ The mutagenicity is evaluated by adding S9mix, which is an internal metabolite of the livers in rats, to test strains. The test strains used were histidine dependent auxotrophic mutants of Salmonella typhimurium (TA1535, TA1537, TA98, TA100), and tryptophan dependent auxotrophic mutants Escherichia coli bacteria (WP2 uvr A) strains.

[Test Results for Zeomic]
Since a decrease in the number of colonies was seen in both the non-revertant and the revertant cells, it was determined that Zeomic had no back mutagenicity (negative) at all concentration levels.

Pertaining to Mutagenicity Test (Mandatory SIAA test item)

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