Company information

Corporate philosophy

Management philosophy

We,Sinanen Zeomic,will contribute to the development of comfortable,safe living environments for commonplace people and propagate antimicrobial culture in harmony with the environment throughout the world.

Management emphases

Looking to quality society

We intend to become a company with advanced professional technologies generating high value-added,high performance products meeting international quality standards.

Respect for individualities

We intend to develop within our company the workplace environments where individual people's independency and intellectual curiosity are respected for and that allow them to grow through and feel satisfaction as well as pride in their jobs.

Management policy

Based on our management philosophy,our management policies concerning our sales development,manufacturing,and research and development are as follows.

  1. Promotion of the development of the antimicrobials market
  2. Enhancement of our production system
  3. Enhancement of our R&D function

Quality policies

In order to realize these policies,we will exhibit our company's collective strengths,from the production of antimicrobials to the provision of antimicrobial systems; preserve favorable work habits and test quality when providing test services to customers; and satisfy customer demands to a high degree by managing and maintaining standards for the services provided by our test laboratories. Our quality policy for achieving these goals is composed of the following three items.

  1. Strive for world-class quality.
  2. Improve productivity through work standardization.
  3. Proactively develop new technology.

Environmental policies

Under the corporate creed advocating "Antimicrobial culture in harmony with the environment," we set our environmental policies as follows:
Sinanen Zeomic Co., Ltd. is resolved to protect the earth environment and contribute to the development of people's safe,living environments.

  1. We will conserve resources and energy.
  2. We will suppress the generation of industrial wastes.
  3. We will propagate antimicrobial culture in harmony with the earth environment.
  4. We will comply with all environment-related regulation and all our undertakings with the stakeholders.
  5. We will operate an environment management system and endeavor for its continual improvement and the prevention of pollution.

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