Company information

Corporate philosophy

Corporate mission

To help customers all over the world achieve healthier and more comfortable lives while we continuously evolve and take on new challenges.

Corporate vision

Providing new value to customers as a formulator of functional materials

Corporate values

  • Shingi: Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Shinshu: The creation of new value
  • Rakugyo: A fulfilled workforce in action

Human resources development policies

  1. Respect individual autonomy and intellectual curiosity
  2. Foster a workplace that supports employees’ personal growth and their ability to take on challenges

Quality policies

  1. Continuously improve the effectiveness of our quality management system
  2. Promote productivity improvements by standardizing workflows
  3. Strive to master technologies and skills that increase added value

Environmental policies

  1. Conserve resources and energy
  2. Suppress the generation of industrial wastes
  3. Endeavor to make continuous improvements and prevent pollution in consideration of the environment
  1. Observe laws, regulations, etc. related to information security
  2. Implement appropriate organizational and technical measures to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information assets
  3. Establish an information asset management system to properly and safely manage information assets
  4. Carry out the necessary education and training for employees to understand the importance of information assets
  5. Review the system for safeguarding information as necessary to address changes in the environment

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