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Message from the President

Our company began when Sinanen New Ceramic Co., Ltd. was established in 1984 as a new business of Shinagawa Fuel Co., Ltd. (currently SINANEN HOLDINGS CO., LTD.). After this, we continued research and development of antimicrobial agents using silver and antimicrobial zeolite, obtaining several patents and carving a name for oursevles as an inorganic antimicrobial agent manufacturer. In 1991, we established Sinanen Zeomic Co., Ltd. and began our journey to become leading manufacturer in the world as an inorganic antimicrobial agent pioneer.

Since then, as well as conducting various safety tests, we have obtained certifications(*) from FDA in the US, EPA and so on, as well as ISO9001 in an effort to enforce quality control. We continue to offer consumers high safety and unfaltering antimicrobial performance. Moreover, in order to convey the antimicrobial culture born and raised in Japan, we are also exerting efforts in activities such as establishment of antimicrobial performance standards and training of antimicrobial test technology.

All of our departments, including manufacturing, quality control, R&D, sales development and management, work together with a unified dream and pride to achieve our corporate creed of “We, Sinanen Zeomic, will contribute to the development of comfortable, safe living environments for everyday people and propagate antimicrobial culture in harmony with the environment throughout the world.”

We will continue to provide comfortable lifestyles to not only our Japanese customers,but also our customers around the globe by enhancing antimicrobial performance and developing applications as well as challenging ourselves to develop material with new functionalities.

Mutsuaki Murao

Please see here for detailed information on grades with certifications.

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