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Feb. 1984 Established Sinanen New Ceramic Co., Ltd. as a 100% subsidiary of Sinanen Co., Ltd.
Jul. 1984 Built a factory and research facility in Nagoya. Began production of inorganic antimicrobial agent "Zeomic".
Mar. 1987 Registered the trademark "Zeomic" in Japan and 50 other countries.
Dec. 1989 Began combined testing of chronic toxicity and carcinogenicity of "Zeomic".
Mar. 1991 Reorganized to become Sinanen Zeomic Co., Ltd.
Mar. 1995 Completed combined testing of chronic toxicity and carcinogenicity of "Zeomic" and confirmed that it was extremely safe.
May. 1997 Developed and launched antimicrobial agent for sewerage concrete “Zeomighty”.
Jul. 1997 Established the Antimicrobial Concrete Study Group.
Aug. 1998 Completed construction of the 2nd factory for a shift to volume production.
Aug. 1998 Registered "Silver Zeolite A" with European BPD's Annex2.
Oct. 1998 Received the Nagoya Municipal Industrial Research Institute Award at the Nagoya Municipal Industrial Technology Grand Prix Competition.
Mar. 1999 Zeomic obtained EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) certification(*)
Mar. 2000 Antimicrobial agent for sewerage concrete “Zeomighty” obtained a “Certificate of Technology" from the Japan Institute of Wastewater Engineering Technology
Apr. 2000 The sales division was transferred to Sinanen Zeomic Co., Ltd. and the manufacturing and sales operations were integrated.
Jun. 2000 Zeomic obtained FDA (Food and Drug Administration) certification(*)
Aug. 2000 Entered a commercialization contract with US company,Sciessent,focused primarily on European/American development.
Sep. 2000 Cosmetics preservative "CERAMEDIC" was certified as a cosmetics preservative in line with cosmetic criteria.
Feb. 2001 Shiseido launched deodorant spray "Ag+" with "Zeomic" as the main ingredient.
Apr. 2001 Zeomic obtained NSF (National Science Foundation) certification
Feb. 2002 Developed and launched antimicrobial and odor-eliminating combined agent.
Apr. 2002 Obtained ISO9001 certification for quality management systems.
Jan. 2006 Accredited as an antimicrobial test laboratory by the Ministry of Economy,Trade and Industry based on the JNLA (Japan National Laboratory Accreditation System).
Feb. 2008 Developed and launched hybrid fungicide "ESSEN-GUARD".
Apr. 2008 Registered with the Japan Sewage Works Association as a "Category II Certified Material of Anticorrosive Reinforced Concrete Pipes for Sewer Systems".
Jun. 2008 Developed and launched aldehyde odor-eliminator "DUSHLITE".
Sep. 2010 Exported "Zeomighty" to Peru via the ODA.
Aug. 2011 Antimicrobial concrete pipe using "Zeomighty" was certified and registered as complying with the standards of the Construction and Planning Agency Ministry of the Interior,Taiwan.
Aug. 2011 Completed construction of the 3rd factory.
Mar. 2012 Invested in Korean distributor,Ecowell,who has an R&D function.
Mar. 2012 Completed construction of a new company building with significantly enhanced R&D facilities.
Mar. 2012 Began selling "CLAXOL",which was developed by Ecowell,as the exclusive Japanese distributor.
May. 2012 Held a memorial festival for the new company building completion.
Feb. 2013 Integrated our sales division in Nagoya.
Jan. 2014 Introduced X-ray fluorescence spectrometers.
Apr. 2014 Set up Overseas Sales & Marketing Team in Marketing Department.
Sep. 2014 Held the 30th anniversary event of the founding.
Nov. 2014 Zeomic water based slurry obtained EPA certification.
Dec. 2014 Registered Zeomic and ESSEN-GUARD in SIAA fungicide inventory.
May. 2015 U.S. EPA Newly Approved Grades: ZEOMIC DAW502, EAW502 and XLJ50D
Aug. 2015 Material Characterization by Gas sorption at DTI has been installed
Oct. 2015 Sinanen Co., Ltd. transitioned to a holding company structure
Mar. 2016 X-ray Diffractometer has been installed
Apr. 2016 New team “Product Development & Business Promotion Team” has been established directly under the President.
Mar.2018 Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer has been installed

Please see here for detailed information on grades with certifications.

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