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ゼオミックは、人にも環境にもやさしい「銀」と「ゼオライト」を組み合わせてできた無機系抗菌剤。肌着やタオル、シーツのように、お子様からお年寄りまで毎日使う繊維製品や、まな板、お弁当箱のように食品に直接ふれるものにも安心してお使いいただけます。持続性にも優れており、抗菌効果を長く安定的に発揮します。毎日使うものだから、人にも地球にもやさしいものを選びたいZeomic is an inorganic antimicrobial agent comprised of silver and zeolite, which are both gentle on people and the planet. It can be used with reassurance in textile products used daily by people ranging from children to the elderly, from textile products such as underwear, towels and sheets, to products which come in contact with food directly such as chopping boards and lunch boxes. With excellent sustainability, Zeomic provides a long-lasting, stable antimicrobial eff ect.Something Used Everyday Should be Gentle on Both the People and the Planet繊65