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Zeomic is adopted by Lintec Corporation. for its antimicrobial non-woven fabric "Daiginjo."


An inorganic antimicrobial agent "Zeomic" was adopted by Lintec Corporation. for its antimicrobial non-woven fabric "Daiginjo," which it announced to release on March 1 this year.

According to the company's announcement, the application areas of antimicrobials in various industry fields are expanding at an accelerated pace due to people's growing consciousness of hygiene and the company has recently commercialized non-woven fabrics featuring antimicrobial power provided by Zeomic in addition to its product line of special paper-based antimicrobial articles employing silver-based antimicrobial agents, which it has already developed and released onto the market, with a view to meeting ever diversifying market needs.

Technically, Zeomic loaded onto non-woven fabric in the manufacturing process provides the antimicrobial property that prevents the base material from turning into a culture ground of microbes, and a finished product shows as its features good air permeability, flexibility and excellent workability to meet various processing needs including lamination by heat fused joint, when compared with generally used antimicrobial films, thanks to its non-woven construction.

Further, Zeomic's advantageous features such as long-lasting antimicrobial power, heat resistance and a proved high safety level are valued highly in the market, and the product is expected to find application in a variety of industry fields including medical and hygiene products.

The product has been adopted as a filter in high-performance non-woven surgical masks available from drug stores and pharmacies throughout the country, and is expected to expand its application areas to various other products such as bedding used in hospitals, nursing homes and hotels, various sanitary products, household articles and air conditioner filters.

For more information on "Daiginjo," please contact Lintec Corporation..

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