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Zeomic is proved to exterminate SARS virus in only two hours.


A Chinese test laboratory confirms that it completely deactivates human SARS viruses.

The term "Exterminate" in this context is used to mean disabling viruses from entering host cells. In other words, the viruses are deprived of their propagation ability and virtually neutralized, so that they will become harmless to human bodies.

The company requested a test laboratory run by the Chinese government to test Zeomic in order to examine its antiviral performance against the SARS virus, and obtained data indicating Zeomic's deactivating effect on the SARS virus.

  1. Test laboratory: Chinese Government Virus Research Institute
  2. Test period: July - October 2003
  3. Test method: Zeomic's deactivating effect on the human SARS virus was examined with the virus CPE method.
  4. Viruses used: separated stock from the SARS-COV-P8 corona virus, separated stock from the SARS-COV-P11 corona virus
  5. Cells used: Vero E6 cell (cell medium from African green monkey kidney)
  6. Positive control reagent: Ganciclovir
  7. Test result: A test liquid containing 375 ppm Zeomic powder deactivated human SARS viruses completely in two hours at a room temperature.
Concentration after dilution Acting time at a room temperature
2 hours 4 hours 6 hours
375μg/ml(ppm) 100% 100% -
188μg/ml(ppm) 50% 50% 100%

This test result was obtained in cell culture of the two types of human SARS viruses on which Zeomic dilution was made to act to measure its deactivating effect. At the Zeomic content of 375 ppm, which corresponds to one tenth of a normal use condition, it exterminated SARS viruses in only two hours. It was also proved that it could deactivate viruses completely. At the Zeomic content of 180 ppm, 100% deactivating effect can be obtained after 6 hours of an acting time.

Prof. Kosuke Furuse, known for his virus study, reviewed this result and made the following comments:

Zeomic's deactivating effect on the human SARS virus tested in a virus research institute run by the Chinese Government
Kosuke Furuse, professor, Life Science Course, Department of Medicine, Shimane University

It has been reported that an inorganic antimicrobial agent "Zeomic" has deactivating effect on viruses with envelope proteins. Accordingly, the test result that the corona virus with envelope protein is deactivated by Zeomic is an anticipated one.

The significance of the test, however, lies in that it has demonstrated Zeomic's effectiveness in such an expeditious manner, using human corona viruses separated from SARS patients. Since many antimicrobial articles employing Zeomic have been developed, it can be expected that antiviral articles will also be developed quickly.

Oct. 20, 2003

The recent announcement also drew much attention in China and reported on the following web sites.

China News Services

In its future business development plan, the company intends to promote Zeomic not only in Japan but also Southeast Asia including China, South Korea and Taiwan, the U.S. and Europe through agion Corp. of the U.S. as the antimicrobial agent the safety of which has been confirmed at a drug-level of confidence and that shows deactivating effect on the SARS virus in its worldwide activity, placing particular emphasis on fiber products (surgical masks, laboratory coats, bedding, etc.) in the prophylactic application area against SARS virus infection, construction materials (hospital interior materials, HVAC, paint, etc.), home electric appliances, household articles, and pet items.

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