Terminology: Trimethylamine


Colorless and flammable tertiary amine gas represented by N(CH3)3.

At low concentration has a strong “fishy” odor, while at a high concentration the odor is an ammonia-like.

This odor is generated at such places as livestock businesses and fishery processing factories and is a representative malodorous substance as one of the ingredients of raw garbage.

It is considered as a “malodorous substance” and its concentration in the air space is controlled by the Offensive Odor Control Act of Japan.

Presence of the trimethylamine can be easily noticed at a very low concentration level of 0.0001ppm in the air without any discomfort. However, concentration between 2.5 to 3.5 ppm in the air space is noticed as a “bad odor”. The range of concentration that a Prefectural Governor can enact to control gas emission within his Prefectural jurisdiction is between 0.005 to 0.07ppm

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