Terminology: Methyl Mercaptan , Methane Thiol

Methyl Mercaptan , Methane Thiol

Methyl mercaptan is one type of mercaptan (thiol) and is expressed by the chemical formula CH3SH.

Color less gas characterized by the “putrid smell” resembling feces or organic garbage. It is classified as a “malodorous substance” by the Japanese Offensive Odor Control Act.

Although toxicity is rather weak in comparison to hydrogen sulfide its presence can be easily noticed at a very low concentration level in the air: 0.0001ppm.

Generated from decaying organic material as a result of metabolizes of microbes activity. A secondary metabolism step produces dimethyl sulfide or dimethyl disulfide, which has a characteristic disagreeable odor. The olfactory detection level is also at very low concentration as the mercaptan.

Pertaining to Methyl Mercaptan , Methane Thiol

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