Terminology: Ammonia


A color less inorganic gas at room temperature, represented by the chemical formula NH3

It dissolves well in water and has basic properties. It dissolves in alcohol or ether as well.

Ammonia is a representative malodorous substance generally recognized by the typical “urine” smell or a pungent odor. It is regulated by the Offensive Odor Control Act.

Industrially, this odor is generated from the raw materials for chemical fertilizers and synthetic materials, or the like. In nature, this odor is generated from the breakdown or decomposition of bodies or their waste.

Generated from decaying organic material as a result of metabolizing microbe’s activity; followed by a secondary metabolism step producing dimethyl sulfide or dimethyl disulfide, having a characteristic disagreeable odor. The olfactory detection level is also at very low concentration as the mercaptan.

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