Terminology: Moraxella osloensis

 Moraxella osloensis

 Moraxella osloensis is a species of Gram-negative bacteria that are classified into the order Pseudomonadales. The most representative strain is Pseudomonas aeruginosa. Recent studies focus on Moraxella osloensis, which is considered the source of 4-methyl-3-hexenoic acid, an unpleasant odor substance that smells like a wet rag typically observed in drying laundry rooms. Moraxella osloensis is found not only in clothing but also in various places in a house. It is called damp-dry bacteria in Japanese.

 Moraxella osloensis ATCC 19976 has been designated since April 2013 as optional strain bacteria for the SEK mark antibacterial manufacturing standards of the JTETC.

Pertaining to Moraxella osloensis

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