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消臭効果Deodorizing Effects多孔質材料のゼオライト表面に無数の細孔が存在し、物理的吸着作用(物理吸着)により、臭気成分を減少させます。There exist an uncountable number of fine pores on the surface of porous zeolite and malodorous elements are reduced through a physical adsorption mechanism (physical adsorption).ゼオミック表面Zeomic Surface臭気成分Malodorous ElementsDeodorizing 物理吸着 Physical Adsorption 97減少率A 97% deodorization effect was had for hydrogen sulfide97% reduction rate硫化水素に97%の消臭効果ゼオミック加工布の各種臭気成分ガスに対する消臭効果を測定しました。The deodorizing effect was measured in relation to various malodorous gases for Zeomic-processed fabric.メチルメルカプタン 8.0ppm <0.1 >99%  8.0ppm 0.4 95%  8.0ppm 7.5 ―硫化水素4.0ppm <0.1 >97%4.0ppm <0.1 >97%4.0ppm 3.9 ―後加工布の消臭効果Deodorizing Effects on Post-Processed FabricPost-processed fabric (washed 10 times)後加工布(未洗濯)後加工布(10回洗濯)無加工布(未洗濯)Post-processed fabric (not washed)Unprocessed fabric (not washed)社団法人繊維評価技術協議会 消臭効果試験方法 機器分析 Japan Textile Evaluation Technology Council Deodorizing effect test method Instrumental analysis※ゼオミックを1wt%加工した後加工布 * Post-processed fabric processed with 1wt% of ZeomicTh e malodorous elements are trapped inside the holes.臭気成分を穴に閉じ込めます。消臭性試験データDeodorizing Test Data初期濃度2時間後2 hours later減少率Reduction rate初期濃度2時間後2 hours later減少率Reduction rateMethyl mercaptanHydrogen sulfi de アンモニア 100ppm 2.0 97% 100ppm 8.5 89% 100ppm 74 ―酢酸50ppm 1.6 93%50ppm 1.4 94%50ppm 24 ―Post-processed fabric (washed 10 times)後加工布(未洗濯)後加工布(10回洗濯)無加工布(未洗濯)Post-processed fabric (not washed)Unprocessed fabric (not washed)Ammonia初期濃度2時間後減少率初期濃度Initial concentration2時間後2 hours later減少率Reduction rateAcetic acidInitial concentration2 hours laterReduction rateInitial concentrationInitial concentration1817消臭効果Deodorizing Eff ects