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ゼオミックとは?What is Zeomic ?抗菌作用・抗菌性を有する銀イオン。銀の抗菌活性はイオン状態(Ag+)でより一層高まります。Silver ions have an antimicrobial mechanism and an antimicrobial effect. The antimicrobial effect of silver is intensifi ed in an ion state (Ag+).イオン交換、触媒、吸着材料等として利用されており、三次元骨格構造内に銀イオンを取り込みます。Used for ion exchange, as catalysts, adsorbents and so on, zeolite has a three-dimensional framework structure which takes in silver ions.銀イオン Silver ionsゼオライト Zeolite「銀イオン」と「ゼオライト」を組み合わせた無機系抗菌剤 ゼオミックZeomic is an Inorganic Antimicrobial Agent which Combines [Silver Ions] and [Zeolite]. ZeoliteSilver ionActive ingredientCounter ionIon exchange1211ゼオミックとは?What is Zeomic ?