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物体や液体といった対象物や、限られた空間に含まれる菌や微生物の数を減らし、清浄度を高めること。除 菌To reduce the number of germs or microbesin objects, liquid or restricted spaces andincrease cleanliness.Eradic at ion細菌がついても、ある一定の時間しか生きられない、あるいはそれ以上増殖できない、菌にとっては住みにくい状態にすること。菌を殺したり減少させるのではなく、増殖を抑制することです。抗 菌To create a condition in which bacteria does not survive easilywhereby, even if germs do adhere to the subject, they will only livefor a certain period of time or they will be unable to grow. To inhibitthe growth of bacteria, rather than kill or decrease their number.Ant imicrobia l「医薬部外品 」「化粧品 」「浄水器関連部材 」など高い安全性を求められる分野において幅広い実績をもつゼオミック。カテーテルなど医療器具での実用化も進んでいます。Zeomic has a strong track record in a diversity of fields which demand highsafety including quasi-drugs, cosmetics and water filter-related material. Itis also being put into practical use in medical equipment such as catheters.食品トレーやパッケージなどの食品包装材、製氷機や冷蔵庫の製氷タンクなど、より厳しい衛生基準が求められる製品にも、ゼオミックは採用されています。Zeomic is also adopted in products required to meet higher sanitationstandards including food packaging material such as food trays andpackages, as well as icemakers and refrigerator ice makers.医療分野も求める Demanded in the Medical Field Too食 へ の 安 心 Safety for Food水や空気をキレイに For Clean Water and Air有機溶媒等による溶出はなく、長期にわたり抗菌性を発現。水、熱等により蒸発・分解を生じやすく、効果が低下する。粉体形状で従来の顔料等と同様に扱える。加工時に熱がかかる方法では蒸発・分解のおそれがある。銀を有効成分としたものが大部分。銀の安全性は高い。抗菌剤自体の毒性は少ないが完全に安全性を確認できていない。Won't decompose or transform even atresin molding temperature (maximum350?C).In general, organic antimicrobialagents partially strip or decompose atresin molding temperature.Won't leach due to organic solventsand has a long-lasting antimicrobialeffect.Evaporation/decomposition occurseasily due to water, heat, etc., and thisreduces effects.A powder form which can be handledin the same way as conventionalcoloring, etc.In methods where heat is appliedduring processing, there is a risk ofevaporation or decomposition.The majority use silver as the effectiveingredient.Silver has a high safety factor.The toxicity of the antimicrobialagent itself is low but it has not beenconfirmed as completely safe.樹脂成型温度(最大350℃)でも分解・変質がない。一般に樹脂成型温度で一部が揮散か分解を起こす。耐 熱 性 Heat Resistance 持 続 性 Sustainability 加 工 性 Workability 安 全 性 Safety水や溶剤に溶け出さず、熱にも強いゼオミックは、工業用水やプール、浴場、水タンク、エアコンのファンやフィルター、熱交換器に使われ、優れた抗菌・防カビ効果で、キレイな水、キレイな空気を保ちます。Zeomic does not dissolve in water or solvent, and it also has a high heatresistance. As such, it is used in industrial water and pools, bath houses,water tanks, AC fans and filters and heat exchangers, keeping clean waterand clear air with excellent antimicrobial and mildew-proofing effects.10