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抗菌がつくる豊かな生活Antimicrobial Makes for a Rich Life微生物やウィルスなど、増殖性をもつあらゆる菌を完全に死滅させ除去すること。主に手術で使う医療器具に使われる用語です。滅菌To completely kill and remove all proliferative bacteria such as microbes and viruses. This terminology is mainly used when referring to medical apparatus used in surgery.Sterilization細菌やウィルスなどの微生物を死滅させることですが、その対象や程度については定義されていません。殺菌To kill microbes such as germs and viruses, with no defined subject or extent.Disinfection病原性微生物を死滅させ、害のない程度まで減らす、あるいは感染力を失わせるなどして毒性を無力化させること。消毒To kill pathogenic organisms, reducing their number to an extent that is not harmful, and making them harmless by removing their infectability.Sanitization菌制御の定義The Definition of Bacteria Control「無機系抗菌剤」と「有機系抗菌剤」の違いは?Differences Between Inorganic Antimicrobial Agent and Organic Antimicrobial Agent Slow-acting. Effective across a wide scope, including germs, mold and yeast.Fast-acting. The majority has limitations regarding which types they are effective on.遅効性。細菌・カビ・酵母の広範囲で効果を発揮。即効性。効果の発揮される種類が限定されるものが多い。抗菌性Antimicrobial Effect無機系抗菌剤Inorganic Antimicrobial Agent有機系抗菌剤Organic Antimicrobial Agent109菌制御の定義The Definition of Bacteria Control